Why You Should Use A Central Monitoring Service

It’s easy to get complacent with our home security. We get used to our surroundings, generally low crime rates, and don’t think “it could happen to me” – that is until a crime does happen to us or someone we know. If you have valuable assets, don’t wait for something bad to happen before upgrading your security. We recommend subscribing to a central monitoring service.

According to recent statistics, break-ins occur every 26-30 seconds. That’s over 2.5 million per year. Most break-ins occur during the day, when we are not home. Without being home to deter any possible criminals, what can you do?


person sitting at central monitoring system with microphone


A doorbell camera provides a sense of well being by showing you who’s near your house It can also make criminals think twice if they realize they’re being recorded. But what if you don’t see the notification showing you’re being robbed? You miss out on the chance to call the cops in time! 

If you want to take your home security seriously, consider utilizing a central monitoring service.

Immediate Assistance

A central monitoring station notifies a professional security company if any alarms are activated. The proper authorities are then notified of the emergency in progress. This immediate response could mean a burglary in progress now has the chance to be stopped while it is still happening. A fire can be put out before it causes too much damage. A person can receive quicker medical care. The possibilities go on. 

The name of the game is immediacy. Most criminals are in-and-out within minutes. With a central monitoring service, first responders are notified as soon as the criminals break in.

Crimeless Emergencies

Break-ins and invasions aren’t the only threats to your home and safety. You also have to consider the possibility of fire and smoke damage as well as the fact that a CO2 leak can have deadly consequences. A central monitoring service takes care of not only preventing theft, but also detects carbon monoxide, fire and smoke.

Any of these threats can happen at any time whether you’re home or not, and CO2 poisoning may go unnoticed until it’s too late, unless you have detection for it. Central monitoring stations are also equipped with a medical assistance button in case of a medical emergency that prevents you from being able to actually call paramedics. 

Save Money

Obviously, having a security system installed and signing up for 24/7 monitoring is going to cost you money. Luckily it won’t cost you much. Monitoring services are available nowadays for as little as $10/month. The national average for the cost of a home robbery to the home owner comes in around $2,800.

Having proper security can save you thousands in property loss. Central monitoring can also save you money on your home insurance. Homes equipped with central monitoring can save up to 20% on their insurance premiums. 

While there’s a good chance that you’ll never be the victim of burglary or experience a house fire, there’s always a chance that it could happen. If it does, are you protected? Central monitoring can provide immediate assistance in an emergency, notify you of CO2 and fire hazards, and can save you money. 

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