About Access Control: What You Need To Know

Access control is a term you’re going to hear regularly when it comes to shopping for your business’s security system. But what is it? An access control system controls who can enter your business and monitors where and when somebody enters or leaves a premises. 

This can be advantageous for any type of business’s security needs. If you want to truly keep your employees safe from people who shouldn’t be there, keep them out, with these security solutions.


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Different Types of Access Control

Different access control systems require different authorization methods for entry. The following are the main varieties used:

  • Biometric devices.
  • Access card or key fob.
  • Password or pin code with a keypad.
  • Mobile apps that work with bluetooth.

Biometric Devices

This is the most advanced system. A biometric device scans the user’s fingerprint or uses facial recognition software. A biometric device is the most secure because it doesn’t rely on a keycard that can be stolen or a password that can be learned. 

Biometrics can not be replicated, unless of course you’re in a Mission Impossible movie. Companies that require high levels of security should consider a biometric access system for all entries into the business. 

Access Card or Key Fob

This is the most basic form of access control. A keycard has a built-in authentication code that when inserted allows access to the building. You can install readers at all doors and give all employees access cards or fobs, allowing them to enter the premises. 

Key cards can even be given different levels of access, for example, an employee can get into the building, but can not get into certain rooms without the right access card. 

Password or Pin Code Entry

If you’re looking for a keyless approach, a password or pin system may be right for your company. Every employee is given an individual password or code to get into the building. The system can then read who came in and when. If an employee leaves the company, you can easily deactivate their password and remove their clearance. 

Mobile Apps

With the commonality of smartphones today, many businesses are opting for mobile access control systems. Many mobile access control systems use an app that employees will log into and scan at a doorway to enter or exit a premises. Some systems use Bluetooth which makes it as easy as employees running their phones across a sensor which gives them access. 

Four Benefits of Access Control

  • Control with Ease: you can easily give or revoke access and privileges for employees.
  • Increased Security: Aside from employee access, an access control system can program your doors to lock automatically at the end of the business day, making sure nobody leaves a door open to break in. 
  • Quick Emergency Response: If an emergency happens, all access points can be locked immediately to prevent harm to employees or theft. 
  • Full System Integration: Access control systems pair with your existing system, which makes it easier to control and secure your business. 

Access Control With Smartshield

Our security systems are scalable so as your needs change and grow, so can your system. If you already have a security system, our access control solutions are flexible enough to integrate with your existing system. Plus, our security experts and skilled technicians offer you experience and professionalism. We pride ourselves on delivering you an end result that fits your requirements, timeline and budget. 

Our clients are our highest priority and we look forward to working with you!

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