Video Camera Surveillance: Best Defense Against Employee Theft

When you think about the security of your business, who are you imagining as the threat? If it’s burglars and vandals, you’ve got an alarm system and have secured all access points. If it’s cyber criminals, you already set up firewalls, antivirus software, and have secured your network. What about theft from within the company? What are you doing to prevent employee theft?

Leading corporate security companies say that 25-40% of employees steal from their place of business. If those rates weren’t enough, companies are shown to lose about 5% of their total revenue annually due to employee theft.

While it’s likely that the majority of your employees will never be an issue, there can always be a bad apple or two in the bunch. These are the people your business really has to worry about. What are you doing to stop them?


video camera surveillance in mall


Video camera surveillance can be your best defense against employee theft. 

The presence of video cameras alone is enough to deter most employees from criminal actions. This is especially effective in businesses exchanging large amounts of cash throughout the day. Knowing your manager may be watching you count the drawers will definitely make you think twice. 

Next, video surveillance footage is stored in a DVR or cloud allowing the company to watch the footage whenever need be. Was the cash register a few dollars short? Review the tapes! 

This footage can also be used in court in case you need to press charges on anybody committing theft. Having this proof can make all the difference in the world in terms of recouping from your loss. 

Well Placed Cameras Are Key

Once you decide to get video cameras installed, you have to place them strategically. Surveillance can help several aspects of your business’s security. Here are three spots you should definitely place a camera: 

  1. Cash registers: Placing cameras above registers allows the business to keep an eye on every transaction that takes place. Aside from employee theft, video surveillance at the registers deters robbery from outside threats as well.
  2. Inventory rooms should be outfitted with cameras to be sure employees aren’t stealing products.
  3. Clocking in/out points within the business should be surveilled to prevent timesheet fraud and give managers proof when they have to tell an employee they have been consistently tardy. 

These are just a few starting points, doorways and the sales floor are smart spots as well. Video surveillance is well worth the cost because you can prevent loss and providing necessary evidence to recoup on losses. If you want to keep your business and your business’s financials safe, consider video surveillance. 

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