How To Upgrade Your Business's Security: Video Verification

There are tons of options for security systems on the market. Some are basic, some are more advanced. While you may not feel like you need enhanced security, it can mean a world of difference in an emergency situation. An option you should consider when purchasing a security system is finding one that incorporates video verification. A video verification system provides significant advantages to home owners, businesses, and law enforcement. 

While video verification has been on the security scene for many years, it’s only been recently gaining more traction along with the growth in popularity of security cameras for homes and businesses alike.


Person monitoring video surveillance screens

How the Process Works:

  1. An alarm is triggered.
  2. A video footage is recorded on site.
  3. The footage is sent to the central station with the alarm trigger.
    The dispatch operator then assesses whether a burglary or other emergency is occurring.
  4. If needed, the alarm event is dispatched to the authorities and it is given higher priority than a traditional alarm signal.

Main Benefits of Using a Video Verification System in Your Home or Business:

Emergency Response Time

When a security system is tripped, it doesn’t necessarily provide a state of emergency to the security company. The company just knows the alarm was activated and they call 911. With video verification, the security company can actively see what is going on in the premises and can then express and confirm urgency to first responders. 

Law enforcement really does appreciate verified alarms because they want to catch criminals and crimes in progress as much as the property owner does.

False Alarms

Security systems are prone to mishaps. Somebody could forget a code or take too long to reach the control panel, causing the alarm to sound. In this case, the security company is contacted and sends out the police, unless informed otherwise. Video verification allows the company to easily and quickly tell if there is an actual emergency going on, or if the alarm was activated by mistake or user error. This both saves the user hassle and allows the police to focus on real emergencies vs security system mishaps. 

There are many surveillance systems that have video verification capabilities, and depending on your current system, it is possible that the service can simply be an add-on. 

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