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Clearly, COVID has changed the way that business is done in America. Masks, social distancing and simply avoiding personal interaction have played a role. Remote learning and zoom meetings have become the new normal but might recede in importance as the COVID numbers decrease.

But what happens as businesses attempt to return to normal in the age of social distancing? Can touchless security play a role in safety and efficiency?


Touchless Security Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

Strategy #1 For Touchless Security

Employees can enter the facility by flashing a QR code displayed on their cell phones. A device on the outside of the building can read the QR code, then automatically open the door allowing the employee to enter. Some readers can read the code from as far as 10 feet away when the employee wiggles his phone. This system eliminates cumbersome ID badges, keeps germs away from the surfaces and is easy to administer. Note to employees: when you buckle up your seat belts to drive to work, you had better have your cell phones. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get into the office.

Strategy #2 For Touchless Security

Guests to the facility must have a code texted or emailed to them before they can enter the facility. Once again the ID badge process is eliminated and only authorized guests with the proper code can enter. Sorry, drop-by salespeople. You can’t get in.

Strategy #3 For Touchless Security

Facial recognition software is now deployed. A person entering the building has his face scanned. If she is recognized by the system, she is allowed into the building.  If not, she can’t come in. The system can also recognize if a person is masked properly.  Some equipment can even detect the person’s temperature and keep a person who may be sick from entering the facility. Don’t stand out in the sun too long during your afternoon walk. You may not be allowed back in!

Strategy #4 For Touchless Security

Low-tech options for high-volume facilities. Schools have been employing low-cost, low-tech methods for years such as requiring students to pass through scanners that prevent students from bringing weapons. School officials must insist on students complying with these guidelines, but still become aware of new technology that is becoming more affordable. Students and teachers must feel they are in a safe learning environment for real learning to happen.

Strategy #5 For Touchless Security

Being ready for the forceful intruder. One Alaska food store owner left his door open to bring some fresh air inside. Unfortunately, when he returned to the store, he was alarmed by the noise he heard. A large hungry bear had entered the store and noshed on the fresh fish in the freezer. After he finished his meal, the bear sauntered outside while the owner watched helplessly. Security lesson learned: when in doubt, close the door.

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