Top Video Surveillance Security Tips For Businesses

Video surveillance is a necessity for any form of business. It both deters crimes and helps identify any perpetrator of criminal activity. Here are Five Tips on the fundamentals of video surveillance for any business.


Person installing Video Surveillance outside


1. Strategically Placed Cameras

Strategically placed cameras help businesses identify and respond to criminal or dangerous situations. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cameras, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure they are able to see high-value areas such as cash registers and stock rooms. 
  • Install cameras above all entrances and exits to see who comes in and leaves. 
  • Use proper lighting to ensure the video is as high quality as possible.
  • Use wide angles for more surveillance coverage.

2. Cloud Storage

Cloud based data recording is the way to go. With a cloud based recording system, there is no need for a DVR and the footage can be accessed from anywhere. If you’re out of town you can still keep track of what is going on in your business. 

3. Watch Out for Legal Liability Areas

While it is smart to keep your entire business secure and monitored, certain areas should be avoided when it comes to surveillance. This includes bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, hotel rooms, and exam rooms. Invading one’s privacy can be considered illegal depending on where the cameras are placed and their purpose.

Make sure your cameras are not placed in areas that can invade somebody’s rightful privacy. 

4. Secure All Video Surveillance from Hackers

With today’s advancements in technology, hackers can gain access to security camera footage. To prevent this, many businesses use Internet Protocol cameras that require an internet connection and password for operation. 

Passwords and usernames should be swapped regularly to avoid somebody gaining access. Also, you should always use a private internet connection versus a public one. Public internet connections are easier to hack than private password protected ones; this means that public internet connection can put your information at risk. 

5. Increase Security with Additional Camera Features

There are several features available on the market today that expand the abilities of your cameras. 

  • AI technology: Artificial intelligence automatically monitors all footage and alerts users to unusual events. 
  • Night capabilities: Night vision cameras use infrared technology to provide clear images in low light conditions. 
  • IP-based cameras: IP based systems do not need video cables.
  • Weatherproof: weatherproof cameras work in all outdoor conditions 
  • Remote access: Users can view activity through mobile devices. 

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