Small Business Security Monitoring And Why You Need It

Owning a small business is hard and takes hard work. Most small business owners have to be hands-on in every aspect of the business. Part of that involves making sure your customers, employees, and inventory are safe from threats. The reality of it is, you’ve got enough on your plate and probably can’t act as the business security guard. The best way to reduce these threats is small business security monitoring. With proper security comes a safer environment for employees and clients as well as money saved by preventing actions like theft or vandalism. 


Small business Security monitoring Cameras


Strong Security Saves You Money

Security systems, at least the good ones, are not cheap. In small business, every dollar counts, and it may be tempting to go cheap when it comes to security. That is a huge mistake. Investing in good security in the end can save your business thousands of dollars per year.  

Statistics show that burglaries on average cost businesses around $380 per incident. Enough incidents happen and you are out thousands of dollars. Businesses lose about 7% of their yearly revenue to crime. With a good security system, your business can stay ahead of thieves and other safety concerns. 


Aside from losing money to theft, security is essential for keeping customers and employees safe. Aggravated robbery or somebody being attacked by a criminal may seem unlikely, but it happens more than you would think it would. With proper security, you can keep out those who shouldn’t be in your business and can provide evidence in the court of law if an incident does occur that can put away the guilty party. 

The Basics

So, what does your small business need? A good starting point is proper surveillance, access control, and environmental threat detection. 

For proper surveillance, consider placing ample amounts of cameras at strategic locations throughout your business. These should be placed at every entrance, above cash registers, throughout the inventory room, and throughout the main area of the business such as the shopping floor. 

Being able to see what is going on can make a huge difference in preventing crime both by outsiders and employees as well. Not only will it provide evidence, it also works to deter people from committing crimes if they know they are being observed. 

Access control is a great measure to put in place to control who can come into your place of business. Employees are given access either through a key card, a password or pin code, or by using biometrics. 

Biometrics usually involves a fingerprint reader or facial recognition software. Access privileges can be granted or revoked easily. Aside from letting in the right people, access control also provides a record of who was in your business and when. 

Another aspect of keeping people safe is being able to detect environmental threats. A security system should include carbon dioxide and fire detectors. Without those, the results of these incidents can be devastating both to people and the premises. 

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