Alarm Monitoring: Top 5 Suggestions for Businesses

It may feel like you live at the office sometimes, but the truth is, you can’t always be there. When you or your trusted co-workers aren’t around, who is watching over your place of business? 24/7 alarm monitoring can make a world of difference for your business, both for safety and financial reasons. With 24/7 monitoring, you can rest easy knowing your business is far more safe. Burglaries may seem like something you’ll never have to deal with, but if it does happen, is your place of business protected? 



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Central Monitoring Services

A central monitoring station notifies a professional security company if any alarms are activated. The proper authorities are then notified of the emergency in progress. This immediate response could mean a burglary in progress now has the chance to be stopped while it is still happening. A fire can be put out before it causes too much damage. A person can receive quicker medical care. The possibilities go on.

Crime Prevention

If a criminal is smart, they’re going to do their homework. Part of that is finding out if you have a security system. Once you have a system in working order, let criminals know that they will be caught if they break in. Cameras placed at entrances are a huge deterrent.

Also, placing signage or stickers at entrances saying the premises are being monitored around the clock can go a long way in making a criminal think twice.

Smart Cameras

Basic video cameras definitely do well in deterring crime and providing evidence of crime, don’t get me wrong. A smart camera is even better. With a smart camera, you can view what is going on from anywhere at any time, typically using an app. Beyond that, a smart system will send you alerts for different forms of activity. Some systems can even differentiate between normal and suspicious activity. 

Remote Control

With a traditional alarm system, one must stand at a physical keypad to control their system. With modern smart alarm systems, everything can be controlled via an app. Whether you’re in the office or at home, you can trigger or turn off the alarm without having to be in proximity of the control panel. This also prevents you from having to race to your alarm or run out the door to leave before the system is triggered.  

Environmental Threats

Break-ins aren’t the only threats to your business and the safety of your employees. You also have to consider the possibility of fire and smoke damage as well as the fact that a CO2 leak can have deadly consequences. A central monitoring service takes care of not only preventing theft, but also detects carbon monoxide, fire and smoke.

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