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We live in crazy times. Political and civil unrest has escalated in recent years, resulting in countless incidents of riots, violence, and looting across the nation. So much so, that it almost feels expected. Break ins happen around 2.5 million times per year. While you may never be affected by crimes like these, there is always a chance it can happen. 

If something were to happen, are you and your business safe?

It is necessary in today’s world for heavily occupied buildings such as businesses, government buildings, schools, and malls to take on advanced safety measures. Not only does this involve security personnel, this also entails physical security from any threat that may enter an establishment. 

Proper physical security of access points into and within a building is the first step in protection. Here are a few options to consider to enhance the safety of occupants in case of a riot or other threat. 

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Rolling Steel Doors

While doors are designed to be secure, most can be broken into if multiple attackers are involved. Rolling steel doors are a great option for establishments requiring high levels of security. These doors are heavy duty and are mostly impenetrable by tools. They feature steel curtains with interlocking slats that create a flat, smooth surface, free of points for being pried open. 

Many of these doors have heavy bars at the bottom which make it virtually impossible to be lifted. Rolling steel doors are impact resistant as well. Making this a great option for those with high security needs.  

Rolling Security Grilles

There are several options to consider with rolling security grilles, depending on the level of security required. Not only are they a physical deterrent but also act as a visual deterrent. These doors fit small spaces where room in the plenum is limited. They can be deployed quickly, being activated by an alarm system or a panic button. 

Not only are these good for exterior access, they are great for retail displays and counters. 

Enhancing Security

A back-up power source should be used with a motor operator. This will allow rolling doors to be closed incase of building power failure. Incase of the use of gas or smoke in a riot, rolling doors can be purchased which are impenetrable by gases. 

Security personnel should have access to any apps which are featured with door systems. These allow the doors to be monitored and controlled remotely through the use of a smartphone or computer. 

During these chaotic times, you never know what will happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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