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We have all heard or used the phrase “too much information.” That is often the case with commercial video surveillance. Cameras are placed in multiple locations throughout a city, positioned in shopping malls and in strategic locations in businesses. But who can make sense of all the images? It is too much information for a human being to process and discern the significant from the insignificant.

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How Video Analytics and AI Work Together

Through the magic of artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics can dramatically improve the features and functionality of commercial camera systems. High-performance cameras create massive amounts of data. AI can review this information quickly, then present information to make data-driven decisions.

For example, a child wearing a red sweatshirt gets lost at a large entertainment venue. Security cameras at multiple locations are capturing images constantly. By using video analytics, security people can select the approximate size of the child, the red sweatshirt and even the hair color. Video analytics can improve the functionality of these commercial camera systems by quickly identifying the probable place and location of the child. The result is the child is reunited with her parents much sooner than would have been possible by manually poring over the images. 

Eliminating False Positives

Another problem could be that a small gang of teenagers has been creating disturbances at a city park. Video analytics can eliminate the host of false positives that formerly were generated by security cameras. In the past, the videos might select a gang that is simply a large family, or an exercise group, or a group of retirees. Video analytics can improve the results of the commercial cameras by eliminating the “safe” groups and selecting the likely troublemakers.

In businesses, security cameras might be capturing thousands of images from multiple cameras. The owner can highlight the information he wants by setting up a visual “tripwire,” so activities of interest can be separated from the mundane. For example, the area in front of an emergency exit might be noticed by analytics and the owner alerted when supplies are stacked in that area. Another example would be a tripwire highlighting the loading dock of the parking lot. While the entire lot still can be under surveillance, this area could be “on alert” to prevent possible theft.

Observing traffic patterns is another area where video analytics can improve the features and functionality of commercial cameras. Even in a medium-sized city, tens of thousands of vehicles are traveling through multiple locations. Which are traffic chokepoints? Where has the flow increased dramatically? What about high-crime areas?

Once again video analytics can help city planners be proactive and avoid maddening traffic delays and better plan for the present and for the future.

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