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Running a business is full of challenges. From making customers happy, to managing employees and inventory, it can all be very overwhelming. Aside from the usual drama, companies also have to worry about theft by both customers and employees, the physical safety of anybody within the establishment, and the security of company data. 

The first step in preventing these potential threats is making sure you have a good security system. When looking at options for systems, one should strongly consider an integrated security system. 

Rather than a basic system consisting of sensors, a control plan and an alarm, an integrated security system combines several technologies and creates a system capable of so much more.


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Common Features of Integrated Systems Include:

  • Break in detection 
  • Video surveillance
  • RFID systems for theft prevention
  • Analytics on building access (including who is coming and going)
  • Remote system control via apps
  • Central monitoring
  • Life and fire safety 

Yes, you may end up paying more for an integrated security system, but considering how much money your company will save by having proper security, it’s worth it.

Control Access

With an integrated system, access points to your business are controlled through a number of ways. (biometric scanning, key cards, passwords) With an enhanced security system, you can monitor and control who is in your building. Somebody get fired? You can remove their access capabilities immediately. New employee? They’re ready to go in a flash. 


With video monitoring you can see what’s going on anywhere in the building, or look back and see what happened if an incident occurs.

In the case that an alarm is tripped, the security company can use video verification to assess the state of an emergency and deliver the correct information to first responders.This leads to decreased wait time incase of an emergency. It also lets the security company see if an alarm was tripped falsely as well. 

Data Protection

An integrated system incorporates IT security as well. This is important for the protection of customer’s information and the private information for the business as well. An integrated system keeps this information safe, and provides greater control over who has access. 

Remote Control

A really cool feature of newer integrated security systems is the ability to control the system via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even if not in the security office, security personnel can monitor the building, as well as anybody else with system access. Mobile alerts can be set up in case anything triggers the system as well, allowing you to stay on top of the situation. 

Again, you may look at one of these systems and feel it’s overwhelming or more than you need. Don’t worry – they’re not. Integrated security systems are leaps and bounds ahead of regular systems and can end up saving the day with their enhanced features.

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