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Proper security is a must for any business. Theft, intrusions, fires, and other incidence can lead to thousands of dollars lost, stolen company information, or even loss of life. A good security system keeps businesses safe from intruders, theft, fires, and carbon monoxide, just for starters. Here are four essential business security protections you need for maintaining proper security:


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Alarm System

This may seem basic and standard, but it is necessary. It is essential to monitor access points, including both doors and windows. The security company will be notified immediately and first responders are sent over in the event of a break in.

Sensors can be wired or wireless, and can monitor doors and windows, as well as provide motion detection. Alarm systems also feature a panic button which can be engaged by anybody with access. This means that emergency officials can be notified as soon as a threat is identified.

Access Control

A good system should be able to control who can enter and exit an establishment. With access control, your company can keep threatening or unwelcomed people out of your building. 

Modern systems feature access control through passwords, biometric scanning, or keycards. These security protections can also provide reports of who was in your building and where they went within the premises. Just because an employee has access to the establishment doesn’t mean they need access to every room in the building—especially rooms containing confidential files or items.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is essential for any business. With good quality, high-definition cameras, you can tell exactly what happened within your business and identify people, either live or while reviewing footage.

Not only is monitoring great for seeing what happened in an incident, some video monitoring systems also feature video verification with your security company. When an alarm is activated, the company can see what is going on, and alert emergency officials of what’s happening on the premises. 

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection

No matter what type of business you are running, you need this. In fact, most county fire codes legally require fire and carbon monoxide detection. Having a good system in place can detect a threat early, and can mean life or death for those within the establishment. 

These are the basic components every security system should feature. There are definitely more features out there which would be smart to consider, but these should be thought of as the bare minimum essentials. Enhanced features may cost more, but in the end they can save lives and protect precious property.

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