Video Surveillance System: 5 Tips For Businesses

When running a business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to worry about is crime. Unfortunately crimes happen at an alarming rate when it comes to businesses. However, security cameras can provide evidence as to who perpetrated a crime but also work as a deterrent to criminal activity. This can range from break-ins to theft, even by employees. Proper video surveillance systems are essential for any size business. 

If you want to get the most out of your video surveillance system, follow these 5 tips:


Video Surveillance on building exterior


If you’re wondering where you should position your cameras, consider these spots. Building access points including main doors, back doors, and loading docks. Parking lots should be covered to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and their vehicles. Within the business, place cameras along high traffic areas as well as anywhere money is exchanged. Stock rooms should be observed as well to prevent loss in inventory. 


Cameras can be installed to be visible or hidden. Both have their advantages. Visible cameras deter crime while hidden cameras are great for recording break-ins and catching internal theft or issues within your business. 

Cloud Video Surveillance

Wi-Fi cameras and cellular cameras have several advantages. When storing data in the cloud, there isn’t an added cost of a DVR. The footage from these cameras can also be observed from anywhere. Wireless online cameras can additionally be installed anywhere and new users can be granted access to the cameras with a click of a few buttons on an app.

Keep Your Cameras Safe

A smart criminal is going to know how to deactivate a traditional camera. A quick clip of a wire allows a thief to work without the worry of being caught. It is best to use wireless cameras because they are harder to physically tamper with. To avoid physical tampering, place your cameras in locations where they are out of easy reach. Security professionals recommend placing cameras eight to ten feet off of the ground. 

Camera Maintenance

To get the most longevity and optimal performance, make sure you are keeping your cameras in good condition. Outdoor cameras should be kept out of harm from the elements, such as rain. Along with making sure they are working well, cameras should be cleaned periodically as well. 

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