Bluetooth Security Cameras: Everything You Need To Know

The home security camera market has grown exponentially over the past few years. Specifically, since the introduction of popular systems like Ring’s line of Bluetooth security cameras. Users can see what’s happening at their house at any time and be notified when somebody trips the motion sensor or rings the doorbell. These systems are incredibly convenient, and affordable.

These systems have gotten so popular that home video surveillance seems to be the norm today. People are comforted by being able to keep an eye on the house anytime from anywhere. While wi-fi camera systems are great, you should instead look into getting a cellular security camera.


cellular security camera shown on home screen of smartphone


Why Cellular?

A cellular security camera is a wireless home video surveillance system that uses your cell phone network rather than the internet. 

With cellular/ Bluetooth security cameras, you’ll never feel too far from home! This is because your home can be viewed anytime, anywhere via mobile app. 

Regular wi-fi cameras are easily hackable which compromises your security and leaves you vulnerable to attacks. There have been countless news stories about these cameras being hacked into. These hackers can see what’s going on and can even talk to you via your device. 

You accept the risk of this happening to you, or you can get a cellular security camera. Cellular security cameras are incredibly difficult to hack into because they’re not on the internet and require password clearance to access.

Practical Advantages

Cellular security cameras are also more practical than traditional video systems. They operate via battery, which means you don’t have to worry about your camera turning off when the power shuts off. These cameras are also wireless so if somebody does try to break-in, there are no wires that can be cut. This also means they can be placed anywhere. 

There are several cellular security cameras on the market ranging in cost. The switch to cellular may be worth it, Even if you already have a wi-fi camera. A cellular security system is the way to go if you want the best protection for your home.

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