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If you are in the market for a security system, controlling and monitoring who enters and exits your building is probably one of your top priorities. Being able to control who has access to your facility is a crucial element of your security system. Entrance and access control are two common terms used in the security industry and it is important to understand how they differ and work together so that you can make the best decision for your company. 

Keep reading to learn more about access and entrance control systems to help ensure that you are providing your facility with the proper coverage in each area. 


turnstile entrance control - Photo by Max Titov

Access Control: Authenticates Users 

Access control is a pretty broad term. So what does it actually mean? It is used to describe a system which identifies users and authenticates their credentials. These credentials may include a person’s face, PIN number, fingerprints, key card and more. The access control system then determines if that individual is allowed to enter either a physical or logical destination. Physical access control is responsible for restricting or allowing visitors into buildings and rooms, while logical access control regulates digital resources, virtual access and computer networks. 

Entrance Control: Enforces Access Control

While access control verifies authorized personnel through their credentials, entrance control is the system that enforces that decision. It will either allow a person to enter, or remain closed and in some cases raise an alarm. For example, if a person has the correct permissions, they may pass through an access control device, such as a card reader, but it is the entrance control system which physically allows them to enter the building or area. A turnstile is an example of an entrance control system which physically allows or denies entry. However, some entrance control systems don’t have an actual physical barrier and will instead set off an alarm if a security breach occurs. There are also systems which are able to capture video footage which allows security personnel to identify visitors who fail to pass the access control system.

Entrance & Access Control: Working Together

In order to help ensure your facility is operating with optimal security, access control and entrance control systems should work together. These two systems cannot effectively operate without one another.  An access control system is a great way to authenticate a person’s credentials, but you also need an entrance control system to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your facility. When searching for the best security system for you, remember that these two systems are complementary and will help reinforce the safety of your establishment. 

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