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Studies have been done worldwide on the effectiveness of security systems in preventing crime. Rutgers University reports that neighborhoods that densely use burglar alarms were statistically safer than neighborhoods that didn’t utilize these systems.

In the UK, a high number of security cameras are used in public. Since implementing the wide use of cameras, crime rates have dropped tremendously. 

When people know they are being observed, they are far less likely to commit a crime. Investing in proper security for your business and your home not only leads to increased safety, but can also prevent thousands of dollars in loss to theft.


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Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential need for any business. Let’s say you don’t have one. In the case of a break-in or robbery, you will have no idea who did it and will lack what could be full-proof evidence when it comes to convicting a suspect. For businesses with video surveillance, a suspect can be clearly identified incase of a crime. 

Cameras should be placed throughout your place of business. Some should be visible, others may be concealed depending on the situation. All entrances, loading docks, parking lots, stock rooms, the business’s main floor, and any area where money is exchanged should be under surveillance.

This may seem excessive, though it is necessary in preventing break-ins, theft, and even crimes perpetrated by company personnel. 

When security cameras are used, you will know what’s going on in your place of business and have evidence towards any wrongdoing. With security cameras placed in strategic locations that are clearly visible, criminals will think twice about acting on their intent. Just the mere presence of surveillance is enough in most cases to prevent crime. 

There are several different types of systems on the market, each with their own set of advantages. Systems store data on a DVR like device or data is stored in the cloud. Cloud storage is great for being able to access video files and live camera feeds from anywhere. 

Cameras also come in wired and wireless options. Wireless cameras are great for preventing crime due to the fact that there are no visible wires for a criminal to cut. 

Take some time to find what system is right for your business and your budget. Systems may seem expensive, though their presence alone can save you thousands in the end. 

Access Control

Access control systems are a great additional security feature businesses should use as well. With an access control system, anybody entering the premises, or trying to access a specific guarded room, must have security clearance.

Access is given through a code, a keycard, or a biometric reading. With access control, you not only will keep unwanted guests out, you will also know who was on the premises and when. It is much harder to commit a crime if you can’t get into the building or place of interest. 

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