Benefits of Mobile Access Control Management

Lets take a look at a few scenarios: A business owner with a pizza franchise has multiple employees.  He has high turnover and can’t afford to change the locks every time an employee leaves or a new one is hired.

next, a high-tech manufacturing facility has certain areas open to all employees and other areas restricted to certain employees. The owner could have unique cards for each employee. Is there a better way?

Finally, a college student is studying for a final exam until 3 am. She arrives at the dorm crestfallen to realize she left her entry card in her room. How does she get in without disturbing everyone?


mobile access control management

44 Million Downloads

The answer to each of these problems is that there are benefits to mobile management of commercial access control systems. Industry experts estimate that during 2021, mobile credentials will be downloaded 44 million times.

This soaring trend makes sense. In the past, the head of a business or organization issued keys to all employees. Others issued key fobs or ID cards with a chip that could be used for a card reader. These items worked with a keypad that would trigger the secure door to unlock and allow entry.

Several benefits exist for mobile management for commercial access control systems.

The company maintains control over who can and who can’t enter the facility. The owner also knows who entered the building and when.  Was he authorized to be in the facility?  If not, the owner knows how to begin fixing the issue.

The organization can change the codes without having to go to the expense of issuing new keys or fobs to multiple people.

A college or university might have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of students entering the school for the first time. The access codes can be sent to the properly registered students in advance.  No long lines of students waiting to get their keys. Happier students.  Happier parents.

Often employees or workman have their hands full when they need access to the facility.

Their hands might be full of pizza boxes, books, or refreshments for the employee party. Many control systems allow the employees to merely have their cell phones in their pockets and the code will be transmitted to the reader and allow entry.

Another advantage of the mobile management of the access control system is that the owner can customize who gets into what section of the facility.

The workers for a manufacturing facility might be allowed in for just certain hours, while the support staff would be allowed additional access and engineers and C-suite people have all-hours access.

Of course, there’s more to set up the systems than just sending an employee an access code to his cell phone. The facility must have proper software deployed as well as the hardware including the right doors, control pad and door release mechanism.  

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