Cloud-based access control enables you to remotely manage your security solutions system with functions such as adding or revoking user access. Like traditional physical access control systems, cloud-based access control is great for providing security for your business. Unlike the traditional systems, cloud-based access control doesn’t require high infrastructure costs for things like local servers and hardware. In addition, physical controllers are often limited to specific functions and require an on-site specialist present at your location to react to daily events, unlike the remote control solutions from a cloud-based system. 

A professionally installed cloud-based access control system helps simplify what you need in a security system. With your smartphone, your access control system goes with you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year – anytime your expertise is needed at a moment’s notice.

Each access card, fob controller, calendar permission and technology upgrade is integrated via cloud security so updating secure access changes are both mobile friendly and scalable.

Security at Your Fingertips

Video footage is always at your fingertips when you integrate cloud-based access control with your cctv or video security system, and you can narrow down footage associated with real-time events. Instant reporting saves time spent solving investigations and strengthens compliance across your company.

A traditional camera installation service with DVR systems relies heavily on upfront work: Installers must configure cameras, deploy storage servers, and manually install an operating software throughout the security system.

System Consultation